A little about us: My name is Jessica and I run this website and the garciaoilfamily accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Alex and I have been married for almost 7 years. We have 2 girls, Sydney and Zara, and 1 baby boy, Zeke! We've been using essential oils for over two years now and are on our way to building more residual income. I'm excited you're here & hope to help you feel more empowered over your health and financial freedom. Here's a little about how we got started in doTERRA.

True health and wellness for me is Spiritual, Physical and Mental health


My Why

When my oldest daughter, Sydney, was only 8 months old I took her into the doctor's office because she had a scary cough, wheezy breathing, and trouble sleeping through the night. And when I say "trouble" I mean, scary breathing, coughing until she threw up, we'd both end up crying, and my husband and I were just frustrated and exhausted. I thought she was sick  but, as it turned out, the doctor told me it was just seasonal allergies. I was relieved, but then I wondered, what can I give an 8 month old for allergies?


He ended up prescribing her a steroid, to open up her lungs, and advised me to get an over the counter children's allergy medication. I got them and read the labels, “Do not give to children under the age of 2” and the other bottle "Do not give to children under the age of 5". That was obviously concerning for me but we had already tried everything else that I could  think of  (nose suctioning, saline spray, elevate her mattress, humidifier in her room, and steaming the bathroom to help her breath).  So we gave her the medicine and it cleared up after a week or so. Then a month or two later it happened again, then again, and it became this vicious cycle every 2-4 months until she was almost 2, when Alex brought home an essential oil kit.


A friend actually sold Alex on the business side of doTERRA and to be honest I wanted nothing to do with it. I was, however, excited to try the oils because I had always been curious about them. I bought a text book size book on oils and learned how to make an allergy remedy. I was skeptical but wanted to see if it would really help, so I told Alex I wasn't going to give her the medicine to really see if it worked. I rolled it on the bottom of her feet, day and night, she got a runny nose but to my surprise, no cough! I was still skeptical and thought "well maybe allergy season just hasn't gotten that bad yet, but then it never did! I haven't given her the medicine (or any medicine for that matter) since and she's now 4! By now I've made countless blends and we’ve seen so many blessings using them for different things. I love having these tools on hand with whatever we need, they’ve become our “medicine cabinet”. I don't want others to feel helpless. I want to show people that true health is about lifestyle changes. I’ve been able to completely replace all our cleaning products, skin care products, vitamins and supplements, and so much more with non toxic plant based ingredients. We have more control over our health than we think we do!

I told my parents about it and gave a roller to my dad who both saw huge benefits for his hay-fever as well. Later that year my mom and I went to doTERRA's annual convention where we got to see the heart-felt mission of the company. I felt a pull in my heart that I was meant to do this. I felt in alignment with everything they are doing (holistic and integrative medicine, lifestyle habit changes, OUR child sex trafficking rescue missions, and so many other humanitarian aid projects). My passion for this lifestyle and this company just kept growing and I decided I wanted to do this full time and help others who are praying for solutions to their needs (health and wellness, financial freedom, humanitarian missions and purpose).  I've totally become "that oil lady" and I'm ok with that :) Did you know that doTERRA literally means "gifts of the earth?" I'm so passionate about sharing these gifts, that God put here for our benefit that I completely took over my husbands business.


HERE'S WHY:   I was praying for an answer, for something to help my daughter, that was safe and that I felt comfortable with. I feel so lucky that it basically fell into my lap because I don't know if I would have ever given it a true chance. Now that I've been blessed with it, I have to share it with others because I KNOW that there are other moms struggling with better ways to support their babies. Other people wondering if there's something more they can do for their health.  Other people praying just like I was for another option. I want to find them. I want to find you! And I want to help! Entering this whole lifestyle and "doTERRA world" has helped me grow in so many aspects of my life,  my health as a whole: spiritually, mentally, and physically. I'm not saying it's a quick fix because diet, exercise, and healthy swaps take time to implement. 






Personal Development

Another huge blessing, this journey has given me, is more clarity on mental health and personal growth. I've read more books in the last year than I have in the last 10 years. I'm typically very introverted and shy but, with all the personal development that this lifestyle has encouraged me into, I've been able to open up and grow in ways I never thought I would. I've become so passionate about mental health, self development and entrepreneurship that I want to help others feel that same empowerment I feel. I'm not going to tell you i'm making tons of money and my husband doesn't need to work anymore, because i'm not there... yet. But I know that I will get there, I have a huge vision and i'm seeing it come to fruition more and more day by day (even if it's not happening as fast as I would have hoped ;) ) So if you feel the same pull, toward residual income and financial freedom, contact me! I would love to connect, welcome you to our amazing community and support you in any way I can!


I'm so hopeful for the future and where this road is taking me and my family and I just can't help but share it! I'm so happy you're here and hope you can find something that resonates with you!

Click below for a list of my favorite self development books and podcasts


"Before I began using oils I had been taking medication for high levels of calcium in my blood. A few years before that it was discovered that I had an  enlarged parathyroid gland which required surgery to remove it. My doctor said my calcium levels would return to normal after a few months but they did not. I was put on a diuretic and potassium to control the calcium levels. 


When I started to use essential oils, I was determined to do something about the amount of medication I was taking. I researched which oils could help bring my lab results into a normal range. Some months later when my new labs came back, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my numbers were getting closer to the normal range. A year later the lab results were even better. So much so that my doctor reduced the amount of my medication. 


I began logging all of my lab results both from my endocrinologist and my other labs from my family doctor. I have seen a definite improvement in my overall numbers. If I notice a particular area that is outside of the normal range, I focus on using the oils that can help me with those things.


Essential oils have really given me more control of my own health. If there seems to be a problem, I do the research and begin a protocol with the oils. I have also used the oils for many other things for myself and with my family. I truly believe that with the right knowledge and education of the power of essential oils, we can solve many problems within our own home. 


One of the greatest decisions my husband and I made in the beginning of our essential oil journey was to start taking the Life Long Vitality supplements. We know that they have really helped with our energy level, immune support and overall health. They are amazing! I know I am doing something really good for my body as I continue to take them every day."

—  Lynette






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